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Satisfying one's Wanderlust in Lockdown

It's been a little over two months since I returned from a ski trip in France. The day after I arrived home I was told not to go to the office due to concerns over COVID 19 and a week later the country was closed to all foreign visitors. I felt trapped. For the first time in years I do not have flights booked, an adventure planned or even a weekend getaway to look forward to. I suspect you're in the same boat. So how do we satisfy our wanderlust during a lockdown?
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Wine Tasting in the Western Cape, South Africa

It's around 8:30am when Nick, our guide collects us from the hotel in Central Cape Town. There are another British couple on board and a guy from Boston. We politely say hello and Nick tells the quiet minibus that there's just one more pick up. At the next stop, José, a retired vet from Brazil, climbs on board with his wife and exclaims "let's get drunk!" The wine tour begins.
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A Weekend in Aberdeen

“The granite came from a small hill nearby” the taxi driver tells me. “The quarry was bought by a father and son who made a pretty penny selling it to build Aberdeen, now the granite comes from further afield.” At first glance the grey granite that adorns almost every building in the city gives Aberdeen a dull, monotone feel. Over the weekend though, it grows on me. Not least as much of the architecture is stunning. Maybe it helps that the sun hasn’t stopped shining since we arrived adding colour to the city.
From the summit of Aneto (3404m)

Expedition Skills Course - Learning to climb Mountains

If you're a fan of the hiking in the hills or mountains, taking the next step into bigger mountains or winter climbing can be a daunting one. Quite rightly too, it can be dangerous without a respect for how conditions can change and the knowledge to manage the risks. Two winters ago I joined 360-Expeditions leader and Everest summiteer, Rolfe Oostra and a group of fellow climbers and spent a week in the Pyrenees brushing up on expedition skills.
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